Vic Heli Instruction

Download Game Package

Each downloadable file can be installed independently, and users only need to choose one that suits your computer. The downloadable file name conforms to the same format, for example:


This package is for Windows. The language is English. Max supported screen is 1080p. Screen less than 1080p will automatically adapt to full screen, screen more than 1080p only show 1080p content.

Install or Directly Play

Windows users: unzip the zip package, run setup.exe to installe or run VicHeli.exe to directly play the game.

Linux users: extract the tar.gz package, run play.sh to directly play the game or run deb to install, or run CreateDesktopFile.sh to establish shortcuts.

MacOSX users: extract the tar.gz package, run VicHeli.app to directly play the game, or run dmg installation package, drag the VicHeli.app into the Applications.

Game Playing (Recommend Shortcuts)

PC users recommend shortcuts, the best experience of the game is the keyboard shortcuts.

The first letter on the screen button is the default shortcuts. Player can define them youself.

Default shortcuts:

Game Rules

Destroy all enemy weapons and equipment, and then upgrade. After the upgrade, more enemy weapons and equipment can be upgraded after all.

Click the button to trigger the corresponding function.The plus button and minus button can adjust level and scale. When enemy launches missiles, the helicopter can launches jammer or missile or bomb to detonated it in the air.

Users can set 1 to 8 helicopters and 12 to 96 vehicles.

Click around the helicopter, the direction of the helicopter can be guided. Click on the enemy equipment, can move the helicopter's bead.

Mobile users are limited by the screen, only one helicopter can be set.

Mobile html5 versions (small screen versions) click screen can be full screen.

Clicking on the helicopter can select the focus helicopter , which is under the current controling.

Leisure Mode And Level Up Mode

There are two modes: leisure mode and level up mode.

The upper right screen has two buttons,leisure button and level up button to select mode.

The leisure mode don't record score, all weapons are abundant, and the game can continue after the helicopter is hit.

The Level up mode have a lot of strict limits, and is some difficult. When all task is finished, you can level up.

Software Update and Patchs

Benifit from own game engine, the software package is very small and don't need to install a patch when update, just install the small new software package.

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